Peggy (10)

Peggy Findley

You will enjoy and take delight in seeing these pieces almost as much as Peggy enjoys making them. She spends hours making sure each item is perfect for your choosing. There is a great assortment of crafts, including stationery, frames, greeting cards, boxed candy, clocks and more. Makes great gifts, or a treat for yourself!

Linda Emerson (2)

Linda Emerson

You'll never believe what Linda does with what most of us call trash. Purses, coasters, fashion belts, nick-knacks, bowls and more. Everything is made from Natural and Recycled materials. You must come in and see for yourself because you just won't believe me if I tell you. And I'll just bet you won't leave without buying something for yourself or a gift for your best friend.




Faye Bitzer

Faye Bitzer

Faye does absolutely gorgeous watercolor paintings. She has the talent to put on canvas with vibrancy what she sees and shares it with these beautiful paintings

Iris Morley

Iris Morley

Iris makes stained glass items from small sun catchers to large panels. She loves the many colors and textures available in glass which lead to fantasy fish, sea horses, plus many other unique glass items. Birthstone angels and crosses are popular, as well as, patriotic items and college letters and emblems. Iris has been crafting in glass for many years and is happy there is no end to the ideas she comes up with. She has created windows for two churches and the Central Brevard Humane Society as well as many commissioned pieces for window and cabinets. She enjoys working with the other artists and crafters at the Space Coast Co-op.

Kym Garrison (17)

Kym Garrison

"The Cutest Thing..."

Kym enjoys making greeting cards of all kinds. She also loves to make other paper crafts like bookmarks, gift bags, flowers, wedding journals and more. If you have a special event you need favors for, just let her know and she'll be happy to help you out with that!

Mary Ann Morris-s

Mary Ann Morris

Mary Ann masterfully paints everything from Christmas ornaments to gourds. She also makes elegant hand-painted jewelry and wall hangings. She has a wide array in her selection to choose from. Mary Ann has the perfect diet fork!

tina d

Tina Dedge

Tina has an array of up-cycled Glass Yard Art, Solar Lights, Candle Holders, Garden Statues, Planters, Fantasy Fairy Gardens. Many items have a variety of home decor uses. From Planters to Serving Trays great for any party or wedding. Bird Baths and Feeders make great gifts. Bicycle Rim Art is available in your favorite colors or Team Logos. She loves to make special orders. Tina also has Light Bottles in team logos. OH, and you won't want to miss the Hillbilly solo cups masquerading as Red Neck Wine, Shot and Champagne Glasses.

Pat Kosiba)

Pat Kosiba

Pat Kosiba is an original member (over 20 Years) with Space Crafters Co-op. Her crafts are of finely handmade stitched items.

Pat makes goose outfits, jewelry bags, and hard to find these days, knitted dish cloths, along with a variety of useful home decorative items and gifts like purse tissue holders and paper back book covers. The latest "new addition" to Pat's craft are "Corn Hole Bags." Come by and take a look at the diverse assortment of handmade items in here.


Carol Pacquer-s

Carol Pacquer

How very creative and nice are these wire and jeweled earrings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. From flamingos to dragonflies, you are sure to find something for yourself and a friend.




James (8)

James & Cindy Smith

Hours and hours of time and craftsmanship go into these incredible wood pieces that James and Cindy make. Wonderful Coasters, Wall hangings and plaques. Great gifts for dog or cat lovers, Armed Forces members, Firefighters and others. A big assortment to choose from, perfect for every interest.

Jan Foster

Jan Foster

Jan makes the cutest Swing Dresses in sizes 1 to 4. She also has some incredible Aprons. Oh, and her Doll Clothes, you might find a matching set for your favorite little girl and her favorite 18" Doll. You'll be very impressed with her miraculous workmanship.

Sue McCormick

Sue McCormick

Sue is just so talented from her Cheese Markers to her Corn Cob Holders and Pendants and Earrings. They are all recycled Vintage Flatware. She also recycles crayons and mixes them up into fun molded shapes that every kid (young and old) wants to color with. And her palm frond masks are another treasure all painted in bright colors. It's a joy to see all of her ideas. Another definite must see. You won't leave without a gift for yourself and your best friend.

Pat Jenkins

Pat Jenkins & Flo Blanchy

P.J. and Flo share this space and both enjoy sewing. The two have a wonderful mixture of stitched goods, including adorable aprons made from recycled jeans, pot holders that have that southern charm, favoring the quilted look and also hard to find adult bibs, good for bbq, crab legs, or even for a loved one in an assisted living facility. Check out what P.J. and Flo have in their diverse booth.


Jo Batchelor (2)

Jo Batchelor

Jo makes fabulous beaded Jewelry.   She uses lots of gorgeous gems and brilliant crystals in her bracelets, necklaces & earrings. She also makes eye glass necklace holders and phone charms that are fun to have. Each piece is unique

Laurie Whiting)

Laurie Whiting

Laurie has been honing her skills in Cross Stitch for more than 30 years. You will see her attention to detail in every Coaster and Bookmark she displays. Her coasters depict the logos of the University of Florida, University of Central Florida and Miami University, perfect for every fan and/or collector. Laurie's bookmarks have whimsical designs such as the Red Hat Society and Coffee Lovers. Laurie also makes lightly scented soaps. She has some in the shape of cute critters that every child will want to invite into the tub and others for that super special lady. She also has some with perfect sea shells inside, direct from our own Cocoa Beach. Come on in and check them out!!